Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wakchai Authentic Johor Dishes

IMG_0359This cafe is located at TTDI. It is a Malay cafe which their specialty is Johor Dishes.

It is quite a cozy place and windy. No air-cond but very windy.

They are famous on Beriani rice & Chicken Beriani. We ordered Chicken Beriani. Yes!!! It’s really taste good!!! The gravy of the chicken mix well with the Beriani rice. For the guys who eat a lot, you will be very happy coz their portion is large.



This actually comes together with the Chicken Beriani.

IMG_0358Beside Beriani Rice, we also ordered one of their famous dishes – Mee Bandung Johor. It is very presentable. There is an fried egg on top with the gravy. But it doesn’t really have a lot of gravy for this mee.










Sirap Bandung Ais and Sirap Limau Ais


edward said...

wow~ it seems like very delicious^^
haha~ i oso wanna eat!!!!

Snow said...

Hahahha... You come to KL, I bring you there...