Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Pot Genting


Hot Pot Genting is located at Genting First World. I can’t say that the food here is fantastic. But it is quite a reasonable price. As a lot of people always said, foods in Genting are always expensive. If you are facing that problem, may be you can try on this cafe.

Located at First World and same elevator to the Snow World. They offer express lunch set which is only RM11.90 + tax with a hot/cold Chinese tea and dessert. The good news is you can choose whatever meal you want and Halal. Not bad right?

We ordered  2 lunch set. One is Kong Poh Chicken Pot  Rice and another one is Chili Chicken Pot Rice.

IMG_0262   The rice normally serve in this pot.


Chili Chicken Pot Rice


Kong Poh Chicken Pot Rice

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vietnam House – Genting Highland


Looking for good food in Genting Highland? You might wanna try this “Vietnam House located at Genting Highland First World. The owner is a Malaysian who married a Vietnamese wife.

I like the environment especially the place that we sit was just next to the “river with the Venice Boat pass by” cool!!!


There is a over head bridge that for customer to cross the river to the restaurant.


The food is quite nice and with quite a decent price too.


Crispy noodle fried with seafood.
Hmmm… actually it is just like Chinese San Min… but if you are a seafood lover, you might not want to miss this!!!


Hmmm I think he is very excited about it!!!

“Five Kind of Beef” – This dish contents 5 kind of beefs. How to eat this interesting dish? You can mix whichever beef together with the fruits and vege and wrap with the rice paper (the white color).


4 kinds of beef as the above photo and another 1 as the below photo


This beef is raw. Have to cook this beef with the soup as below.




Choose whichever beef and mix together with the vege and fruit.


Then wrap with the rice paper.


Vietnamese Filtered Coffee (Hot). Everyone must try this if you go to Vietnamese restaurant!!!


Caramel Flan Cake.
This is really delicious!!! It melts in the mouth when your 1st  bite…

Annie 1 (Continue)

I have promised you all that I will try their Famous Menglembu Wantan Mee. Nah… here you go…


IMG_0253Wow!!! Delicious!!! This is their famous Wantan & Char Siew Mee.

I have asked one of the owner (Audrey), all their mee, and spices are made by them. It is really a home cook food!!!

Here you go with their others TODAY’S ADDITIONAL RICE MEAL. It is one of my favorite too –>> Braised Potato Pork Rice.


Braised Potato Pork Rice

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Geylang Singapore – Frog Porridge and Beef Kway Teow

Located at Lor 9 Geylang in Singapore. These 2 coffee shop: 新来来 (famous in frog porridge) and Lor 9 Beef Kway Teow Geylang (obviously famous in beef kway teow) is actually just side by side.


Plain Porridge


Frog that eat with the porridge


Hotplate deer meat

The frog porridge is really taste good! They have either spicy or non-spicy frog porridge. But I personally prefer spicy. For your information, the spicy is really damn spicy.

I like the beef kway teow too!!! It’s really cook at the right timing!!! I will come back and try again.

IMG_0196  Famous beef kway teow

Bubble Tea – Asian Cook Food

IMG_0099 IMG_0097 IMG_0098

This cafe is located at Damansara Utama, opposite Uptown 1. The environment of this cafe a bit like Japanese style. But they actually sell all kind of Asia food. The food here is worth for money and good too!

Macau Cafe in Singapore


I was in Singapore last weekend. I went to this Macau Cafe at East Coast. Hmm… the food here is quite different if compare with any of the Hong Kong cafe in KL. The food is not bad.

The one that can’t get off from my mind is the “Fried Chinese Carrot Cake”. It is very different with the Traditional with the soya source or Singapore style of Chinese Carrot Cake. They actually deep fried the Carrot Cake. So it is crispy.

We also ordered the “Polo Char Siew Pau” and the “Fried Potato Ball”. Hmmm yummy yummy… The Fried Potato Ball not only potato.. they actually mash the potato, mix with bacon and deep fried it. Coolllll……………  

Chinese Carrot Cake  
BBQ Corn  
Fried Potato Ball
Chicken Claypot Rice

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Favorite Korean Food – Top Spice

Top Spice is located at Bandar Puteri Puchong, near Citibank and Giant. It is fully owned by a Korean couple.

I have been tried a lot of Korean food in KL and this Korean restaurant is the most I like!!!! Would you like to try a Korean Home Cook Food? Then you have to try here!!! The chef is the owner (Korean) and she was on one of the Korean channel for cooking show when she was in Korea.

Beside, their side dishes are so special and delicious that you hardly find from other Korean restaurant. The most I like is the fried pumpkin. The first bite, you can feel the juice from the pumpkin and the skin is so crispy.  Usually, I will ask for additional of this fried pumpkin.

This is the fried pumpkin I mentioned. My favorite!

The kimchi in Top Spice is the best that you can’t find out there. It is so fresh, juicy, crunchy, spicy and delicious!!! You will regret if you don’t try their kimchi!!!  

IMG_0126My favorite Kimchi. fresh, juicy, crunchy, spicy and delicious.


These are the delicious side dishes.

This is the new side dishes. They used green bean to cook it. It taste like a Hash Brownie but it actually full of protein. Good taste and healthy.


These are to eat together with the BBQ

IMG_0138This is normally how we enjoy our BBQ

I like their beef and pork BBQ. The beef and pork are always very fresh. Especially the beef, always cook at the right timing… so you will feel a bit juicy and won’t feel too hard.


The BBQ is going to start here.


Pork BBQ


Beef BBQ


While waiting for the BBQ to cook.

Pork Bulgogi is another dish that is highly recommended. You MUST try this!!! You can request spicy or more spicy. After almost done on this dishes, must add the rice and fried together with the pork. Wow!!! That’s really fantastic!!!

Pork Bulgogi

IMG_0205He is one of the owner. The chef’s husband.

Below the dish called Pork Roll. It’s actually use the bacon and roll together with cucumber, carrot and also spring onion. It’s cold and a bit sour. You will feel fresh after taking this.

IMG_0211IMG_0212Pork Roll


This is the 100% pure green tea. Understand from the chef that it is good for skin.

The owner – husband and wife and the wife’s sister, 3 of them are very friendly. And they can speak good English as well.


Hmmm… he was trying very hard to look like a Korean… I guess… kekeke…


Can you see the silver con at my left? That is to vacuum out the smoke while they are BBQ the meat.

Top Spice Korean BBQ Restaurant
15, Jalan Puteri 1/4, Bandar Puteir Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +603-8061 2160