Tuesday, May 26, 2009


If you are working in CDB area, you may want to try out this cafe during your lunch time. It really pack and full of people during 12.15pm till 1.45pm.

The food is really good! I like their beef very much! It is tender, juicy, soft and the most important thing –>> the beef without the smell!!!

The portion is very big and it is definitely worth for money. The set comes with soup of the day.

These are the set that they serve and come with the soup of the day:

  • Jungle set – Flame Grilled Chicken
  • Satay set – Chicken On Stick
  • Volcano set – Extra Tender Beef
  • Mexico set – Chili Chicken
  • Bat Kut Set – Stone Grilled Pork Ribs
  • Ken Tak Lee Set – Fried Chicken
  • Kamasutra set – Curry Chicken

We ordered a Jungle Set and Dory Fish Set. The Jungle set come with one grilled chicken drumstick and grilled beef, one hard boiled egg, vege, rice, sambal and curry gravy.


Look at the beef and chicken. Feel hungry and think of try it?



This is the Dory Fish Set. The Dory Fish doesn’t have have the smell and it taste juicy and soft.

No. 8, Shenton Way, #B1 – 20, Singapore

Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd

This Chinese Tim Sam Restaurant is located at Damansara Utama, same role as the Old Town White Coffee Kopitiam.


The Tim Sam is really delicious and juicy in the mouth. After you finish one, you will definitely want to try another one.


Above picture is the lotus leaf dumpling. Inside the lotus leaf are rice. The rice is smooth and taste excellent! The texture is really good!

These were the Tim Sam we ordered at this Chinese Restaurant!

IMG_0620 IMG_0613  IMG_0615 IMG_0616 IMG_0617 IMG_0618 

63G & 65G, Jln SS 21/60, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +603-7729 8881

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wakchai Authentic Johor Dishes

IMG_0359This cafe is located at TTDI. It is a Malay cafe which their specialty is Johor Dishes.

It is quite a cozy place and windy. No air-cond but very windy.

They are famous on Beriani rice & Chicken Beriani. We ordered Chicken Beriani. Yes!!! It’s really taste good!!! The gravy of the chicken mix well with the Beriani rice. For the guys who eat a lot, you will be very happy coz their portion is large.



This actually comes together with the Chicken Beriani.

IMG_0358Beside Beriani Rice, we also ordered one of their famous dishes – Mee Bandung Johor. It is very presentable. There is an fried egg on top with the gravy. But it doesn’t really have a lot of gravy for this mee.










Sirap Bandung Ais and Sirap Limau Ais

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This cafe is located at SS22. A very cozy environment and feel like at home. The owner is a very capable and sharp looking lady. All the cakes recipe are from her.

IMG_0380They are famous on their cakes. The most famous is DURIAN CAKE, TIRAMISU (with brandy), CHEEZE CAKE and MANGO Baked Cheese cake. I have tried their Tiramisu (with brandy). The first bite, I can taste the brandy mix well together with the coffee… that’s really fantastic. I have tried a lot of Tiramisu out there, but no one can fight her. It was either only feel the coffee taste or too much of brandy. But in BON BON’s CAFE, the mixture of brandy and coffee in their TIRAMISU are perfect!

Take a look on the picture above, this is the Tiramisu slice I tried.

A lot of people order cakes from her. They have a list of menu of cakes and some of the cakes need to give one week notice for the special order and others need 3 days notice.

I was there for the lunch, and a lot of her customer came in and collect the cakes they ordered.

Beside, cakes and coffee, they serve set lunch as well. It comes with the Soup of the Day,  main dish, cake / ice-cream and coffee / tea. The ice-cream that they serve, is not the normal ice-cream. But it is the hotel standard of quality of ice-cream. All their gravy and recipe are from the owner. They are famous:

  • Rosemary Chicken
  • Shanghai Spaghetti – served with shitake mushroom & chicken cooked in oriental style
  • Special Home Cooked Lasagna
  • Romania Spaghetti – served with special home cooked beef, chicken & mushroom in creamy tomato based sauce


     Soup of the day – Pumpkin SoupIMG_0377  Shanghai Spaghetti


Rosemary Chicken


Ice – Cream that comes together with the set lunch

22 Jalan SS22/21, Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Sleangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: +603-77286357

Open on:
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday, 8 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.
Closed on Sunday

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hai Nam @ Genting

An old time kopitiam style of restaurant – HAI NAM is located at the Ground floor of First World in Genting. It always full of people as the price here is really reasonable and affordable to everyone.

This is not a Halal restaurant as they sell Bat Kut Teh and also toast bread with butter and kaya.

I like the Hai Nam Chicken Rice here. The chicken is juicy and fresh. Not forget about the rice, it is really GOOD!!!! Rice always play a very important role in chicken rice. Of course, Hai Nam Ren (海南人) is always famous in cooking chicken rice!!!


We also tried their Braised Noodle. Not bad!!! A lot of vege, pork and chicken too!!! The noodle is tender.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Olive

Wow!!! This is the first time I took such a expensive dinner. But let me tell you, it is really really really fantastic meal!!!

The Olive is actually located at Genting Hotel. It is one of the expensive restaurant in Genting. Beside the restaurant, they actually have a bar for people who proceed their chill out after their meal.

They serve breads that have with the olive oil and vinegar once after finished ordered food. The bread is so soft!!! I really love it very much!


They sell exclusive wine (bottle or glass) and with a group of 3 Pilipino that sing really well!!!


The Escargot we ordered, hmm… ok… good but nothing very special. But the beef and the lamb rib really made me WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


We ordered a Black Angus Beef. Wow!!! I have never tried such a good medium rare beef before!!! It is so juicy and… I have no idea how to describe the feeling when you bite it in your mouth!


We also ordered the lamb rib. It is good and big portion!! Very presentable and delicious!!!

IMG_0346     IMG_0347

Although it was a very expensive meal. But it is really worth for money!!! Trust me!! You should try it one day when you are in Genting!!!