Tuesday, May 26, 2009


If you are working in CDB area, you may want to try out this cafe during your lunch time. It really pack and full of people during 12.15pm till 1.45pm.

The food is really good! I like their beef very much! It is tender, juicy, soft and the most important thing –>> the beef without the smell!!!

The portion is very big and it is definitely worth for money. The set comes with soup of the day.

These are the set that they serve and come with the soup of the day:

  • Jungle set – Flame Grilled Chicken
  • Satay set – Chicken On Stick
  • Volcano set – Extra Tender Beef
  • Mexico set – Chili Chicken
  • Bat Kut Set – Stone Grilled Pork Ribs
  • Ken Tak Lee Set – Fried Chicken
  • Kamasutra set – Curry Chicken

We ordered a Jungle Set and Dory Fish Set. The Jungle set come with one grilled chicken drumstick and grilled beef, one hard boiled egg, vege, rice, sambal and curry gravy.


Look at the beef and chicken. Feel hungry and think of try it?



This is the Dory Fish Set. The Dory Fish doesn’t have have the smell and it taste juicy and soft.

No. 8, Shenton Way, #B1 – 20, Singapore

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