Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Macau Cafe in Singapore


I was in Singapore last weekend. I went to this Macau Cafe at East Coast. Hmm… the food here is quite different if compare with any of the Hong Kong cafe in KL. The food is not bad.

The one that can’t get off from my mind is the “Fried Chinese Carrot Cake”. It is very different with the Traditional with the soya source or Singapore style of Chinese Carrot Cake. They actually deep fried the Carrot Cake. So it is crispy.

We also ordered the “Polo Char Siew Pau” and the “Fried Potato Ball”. Hmmm yummy yummy… The Fried Potato Ball not only potato.. they actually mash the potato, mix with bacon and deep fried it. Coolllll……………  

Chinese Carrot Cake  
BBQ Corn  
Fried Potato Ball
Chicken Claypot Rice

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