Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sate Zainah Ismail (Ismail Satay)

123 Wanna have an exciting experience of having satay? Check out this shop that located at Dato’ Keramat. It is a very authentic Malay kampung house. But the experience is great and it’s worth for trying.

You must be patient while waiting for your satay as they have a huge crowd in the shop. Some were having there some take away. They have a long satay pit which I have never seen before such a long pit. Very interesting. The waiters/waitress and workers there are very friendly too.

The satay taste is good and the gravy of the satay is delicious too. But the environment is what I really like to experience!


foodbin said...

thxs for sharing.

Snow said...

You are always welcome :)