Monday, August 24, 2009

Chatu Chak, Bangkok

IMG_0950This stall – DinPaow Cuisine is located at Chatu Chak, Bangkok. Be frank, I has forgotten which part of Chatu Chak. But as long as you are in there, I believe you will able to find it!

The food in this stall is really delicious and the price is cheap!!! The stall is full of people.

This is the sticky rice we ordered. It wrap by the banana leaf.


This is the famous TomYam Soup. This is the best Tom Yam Soup I have taken during this trip.


Minced pork salad, I love this very much. It taste spicy and sour.


Po-pia – inside is vege… I like this very much… dim into the chili source… yummi yummi,.. I like this taste…


Hmm… don’t ask me what is this called. I have no idea.. I just know this is really delicious… Inside the white color skin, it is actually a pork. I love this..

   IMG_0953   Go there and try yourself!!! You will never regret!!!

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