Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Apartment

Would you like to feel at home while having your meal at cafe? Good news for you! You can actually find it at The Apartment. We want to bring you home is their slogan.

There is 2 outlets in Klang Valley, Malaysia – The Curve, Mutiara Damansara and KLCC. I love the one which located at The Curve. It is so cozy!!! There is a few different design in the cafe. They have the design like living room, toilet, kitchen and bedroom. If you sit at the table with the bedroom design, you really feel like in the bedroom as the bedroom design is the table with the daybed and pillows as a chair. I love this design the most!!!




IMG_0795Yes!!! Environment is very important for a cafe. But food also very important. Don’t worry as the food is delicious too!!! They have variety of foods and desert too. They serve main meal, salad, desert…

We ordered Poached Egg & Bacon and Grill Chicken Wrap.


IMG_0765Poached Egg & Bacon
Open toasted ciabatta sandwich of beef bacon, poached effs, watercress salad and mayonnaise.

It is so presentable and the when you mix the bacon and egg together, the taste is really good!!!

IMG_0768Grill Chicken Wrap
Pieces of grilled marinated chicken wrapped in soft tortillas with tomato salsa and rocket.

The Chicken Wrap is really taste good and unique!!! It is juice, the chicken is tender!! You must try this!!!!

We also tried their dessert – Baked Chocolate Pudding
Moist chocolate pudding with burst of coffee in the centre served with vanilla cream.


This is good!!! The chocolate pudding is really good. You can feel the chocolate with burst of coffee which is hot and mix with the cold vanilla cream!!!! It is fantastic!!! Remember it is not just a normal vanilla ice cream but it is a vanilla cream!!!

Come and feel the home environment and the great food by yourself. Then you will understand what I mean here!!

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